Motorcycle trailer

1 Bike Flip Top

Fits most bikes
Easy to tow
Loading made simple


2 Bike Flip Top

Fits 2 Not-Big Bikes or 1 Trike
Safe secure storage
Tows behind most cars
Easy 1 person operation


The Widebody

Carry 2 big bikes with ease
Carry a trike
Tows well behind a car
Easy to load and unload


A Completely New Breed of Fiberglass Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

Easy to use—Enclosed trailers with front rolling jacks, single torsion axles, tailgate/loading ramps, minimal tongue weight, drive-in-step-off proprietary wheel chocks and pre-positioned d-rings, eleven feet between the ball and the axle and a flip top for plenty of loading headroom. Everything it takes to make a motorcycle trailer easy to use.

Easy to tow—Fiberglass bodies and aluminum chasses make it easy to start and stop and go up and down hills, flip tops and “bomber noses” defeat strong cross winds and a single axle is properly positioned to simultaneously prevent fishtailing and tow vehicled sagging in the rear. Everything it takes to make a motorcycle trailer easy to tow.

Easy on fuel mpg—Streamlined flip top fiberglass bodies, and aluminum chasses limit the total weight being towed and limit wind drag so much you can often forget you are towing an Ironhorse Trailer. Everything it takes to make a motorcycle trailer easy on fuel.

Easy to look at—Sculpted, seamless, rivet-less, aerodynamic fiberglass bodies with gel coat surfaces provide timeless good looks. Everything it takes to keep a motorcycle trailer looking great with minimum upkeep.

Safety and security—Proprietary systems for holding your bike(s) upright while you tie them down. Everything it takes to keep your bike(s) safe when your are underway and secure when you are parked.

Trouble-free—Maxxis tires, E-Z lube bearings, self-adjusting brakes, and wiring routed though conduit and large aluminum C-channels combine to eliminate road hazard issues. Not to mention shrink wrapped connections to sharply limit corroding wire connections. Everything it takes to make a trailers as trouble-free as possible.

Depreciation—Many Ironhorse Trailers retain much of their value for 10-12 years. So much so that used ones rarely stay on the market more than a few days. In fact when it comes to value retention, Ironhorse Trailers’s track record is unprecedented and unparalleled. Think 75% after five years!

Ironhorse Trailers manufactures composite based low profile Flip Top Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers.  Since 2003, our Ironhorse Motorcycle Trailers have been known for Made-in-America quality, as well as their innovative aerodynamic design. Our motorcycle haulers have incomparable reliability, durability and unprecedented user friendliness. No other bike haulers with full-sized, high speed tires are this easy to look at and use with so little effect on your gas mileage.

Our trailers are designed for one bike, one trike,  or multiple motorcycles. We sell Factory Direct, but also have a small, trusted dealer network that you can purchased from.

Features you only find in a Ironhorse Trailer

  • Only fiberglass motorcycle company that has been in continuous existence over 15 years.
  • Only motorcycle trailer manufacturer who configures trailers to each customer’s needs.
  • Only gimmick-free, gas-friendly, and easy to use motorcycle trailers on the market.
  • Only low-profile motorcycle trailers with flip top for safe loading and unloading.
  • Only company that focuses exclusively on filling the needs of bikers who trailer.
  • Only streamlined fiberglass trailers that are always ready to go when you are.
  • Only no-assembly required streamlined fiberglass trailers on the market.
  • Only trailers designed from scratch to economically haul motorcycles.
  • Only motorcycle trailer manufacturer that will deliver to your door.
  • Only motorcycle trailers with a red hot secondhand market.
  • Only trailers with a meaningful four year warranty

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