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There are 12 questions any person should ask themselves when they are preparing to purchase a motorcycle carrier.

  1. How big a tow vehicle will you need?
  2. How much will its drag cut your gas mileage?
  3. How will crosswinds affect it?
  4. What is the loaded tongue weight?
  5. Can you move it around by hand?
  6. Can you load/unload without it being hooked up?
  7. How hard will it be to hitch and unhitch?
  8. Was it designed to haul bikes from the git-go?
  9. How much headroom is there for loading/unloading?
  10. Does it have ride-in/step-off wheel chocks?
  11. Can you tie your bike down with 2 straps?
  12. Does the wheel chock/d-ring layout match your bike?

bikes in trailer, motorcycle trailer, tie downIronhorse Trailers has many different models of motorcycle carriers in stock .

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  1. LoladotLola

    These trailers are beautiful. What gorgeous colors! I’ve seen these trailers in person at Bike Week going on now in Daytona Beach, Florida. They look even better in person.

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